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Saver.Global and BNSK Partner for Bangladeshi Migrant Financial Literacy


Saver.Global and BNSK Partner for Bangladeshi Migrant Financial Literacy

Bangladeshi women’s migrant worker organisation, Bangladesh Nari Sramik Kendra (BNSK), a women lead organization dedicated for ensuring the rights and enhancing the capacity of the women migrant workers both in country and overseas, and cross border payments and financial literacy organisation, Saver.Global are delighted to announce a new partnership focused on delivering financial literacy to Bangladeshi migrant workers.  

With an initial focus on Bangladesh women migrant workers, and soon all outgoing workers, the two organisations seek to ensure financial empowerment for all Bangladeshi migrants.   

As per the World Bank, Bangladesh ranks 7th globally in terms of overall remittances received, amounting to USD 23 billion in 2023.[1] Digital wallets are widely adopted across the country today representing a huge opportunity for broader adoption of digital financial services. Together, these create a fantastic opportunity for Bangladeshi migrants to transform their remittances into successful businesses, savings and investments. Through comprehensive financial education, this potential can be unlocked and acted upon to set the scene for sustained GDP growth and stability over the coming years. 


BNSK Programmes 

BNSK’s programmes include: 

  1. Mass awareness campaigns for safe migration and protection of the rights of migrant women;
  2. Capacity building for potential migrants and socioeconomic reintegration of returnee migrants; and
  3. Advocacy to promote and protect rights of the migrants and victims of trafficking.  

Saver.Global Platforms 

Saver.Global’s remittances and financial literacy expertise includes: 

  1. SaverAsia (and other regional platforms spanning the globe) – multilingual (available in Bengali) web and app remittances comparison, migrant information and multilingual (available in Bengali) platforms
  2. SaverLearning – the recently launched innovative rewards based financial literacy platform 


Together, our organisations will be delivering world-class, gamified financial literacy via the SaverLearning Platform with content ranging from basic budgeting to entrepreneurship and small business training. Focusing initially on educating and empowering Bangladeshi women, and then the broader population, our goal is to reach 1.2 million Bangladeshi migrant workers each year. 

We will be sharing more details of our plans soon. Watch this space.



[1] Source:,billion)%2C%20the%20report%20said.


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